About 86ers

Inside everyone that’s been exiled, segregated, and 86’d, there exists an unconquerable fighter’s spirit. To empower the 86’d, we embrace our outsider status and challenge the 86’d to rise from the ashes of defeat, reborn as 86ers.

To be reborn as an 86er, one must set aside pride and selfish pursuits and prepare to sweat and bleed for a cause greater than the self; those defeats, setbacks, and powerful opposition are not roadblocks to achievement, but necessary components to strengthen the mind and body for a righteous victory. No battle is won without taking a few hits, but resilience in spite of loss is what defines the heart of a champion.

We’re an army of outsiders for those who’ve ever felt beat but not beaten. We are the 86ers, and we make apparel for outsiders to honor the outsider’s unconquerable spirit.

Join us, and FIGHT BACK!

The 86ers
The 86ers
The 86ers

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